Why the ratio for 2/10 curve trade is 3:1 on the CME website rather than >4:1?

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by Cyrix, Feb 9, 2011.

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  2. The current CTD for the 10y is the Novie 17s, hence the ratio.
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    All of the shorter duration futures hedge ratios tend to change more severely as the CTD changes. Eurex Schatz a great case in point.
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    Thanks for your answers.

    Where can I find the appropriate hedge ratios for later contracts for example the June 10yr vs June 2yr contract (or where I can find the CTD for these contracts? I can calculate the ratios)?

    I want to get into a 2/10 flattener trade but the March contracts are about to expire. I want to use the June futures so that I don't need to roll that often.
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    They have not published June 2011 yet.

    Know anybody with a Bloomberg?

    Google "calculate interest rate DV01"

    it is a long, technical answer that doesn't lend itself well to a brief ET response.

    Martin Ghoul is a very smart guy in the rates - maybe he has the energy and motivation to respond in 500 words or less, because the topic deserves a detailed explanation.
  6. Hahaha, thanks for kind words, bone...

    Cyrix, currently the CTDs for Jun contracts are: 2.5% Mar13 for the 2y and 3.5% Feb18. This gives me an approx ratio of 1610 2y contracts per 1000 10y contracts.
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    Where did you find the June CTD information? Are there any public sources other than Bloomberg?
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    Thanks, but these four links don't seem to contain Martin's

    "currently the CTDs for Jun contracts are: 2.5% Mar13 for the 2y and 3.5% Feb18".

    Maybe I need to go deeper into the other links on the website?
    Please advise.
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    Eurex and CBOT publish the current CTD's on their website, in addition to OffTR issue conversion factors.
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