Why the politicians will never win the game

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  1. Governments are restrained in their actions and are underfunded against the corporations. The private sector will always be able to out maneuver them do due a hierarchical structure and lack of bureaucracy. With nation states in need of capital and equity they will be at the mercy of the the businessman. How is the tax code going to compete when companies have this at thier disposal.


  2. Politics is the only profession where you can cheat/loot people (poll promises/insider trading/front running etc) and yet you'll not be prosecuted/punished.
  3. Only in countries where the citizens let them. It should be that politicians be responsible for their actions and the penalties be swift and severe for wrongdoing. Unfortunately, that is not the case in the US and it is the average citizen who suffers. Expats are increasing and making the right move. Nobody can be absolutely sure about the future but numbers never lie, though people do as we've seen with in the past years. Looking at the numbers concerning the US such as debt, etc.....they can say (lie) all they want but the truth will be there for all to see in time. The questions is how soon will the general public see this and make their voices heard?
  4. Is it not the job of a politician to help the citizens but rather guide a nation state. Citizens mean nothing in the eyes of the state. They are expendable and are to be utilized for the benefit of the power elite. There are no exceptions. Those in power stay in power at all costs .... right. No matter how many noble lies are told and freedoms are taken aways ... keep the masses dumb and poor they are easier to fleece and slaughter.

  5. Once there are too many poor people, they will all get together and revolt and riot.
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    How naive people are.
    Politicians are in the same boat with the corporations, it is the so-called "small people" who will never win.
    If you honestly listen to anything what politicians say then I feel sorry for you as it's all empty talk to win popularity and nothing else.
  7. True. Never a better example than what we're seeing right now.

    What "game" is it then that the politicos will "never win"? Seems to me they are winning BIG on all fronts RIGHT NOW... just as they have always done!!

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    Tsing Tao

    You can do that in banking, too.
  9. And, "It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the Government from falling into error."

    -Robert H. Jackson, chief United States prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trials.
  10. Amen to that. It's the game for the elites. They learned the lesson from Rome. The masses must be kept weak and lacking knowledge/direction for easy manipulation. Otherwise it's going to be hard to keep the masses happy or in control. Just look at China where the average citizen is an indentured servant of the State working to fill the pocket of the politicos, local, and international business men. Over in the U.S. we have severe wage reduction of the middle class conveniently blamed by globalization. It is indeed a brave new world after all. We're just working for da masta.

    Politicians these days are an extra arm of the true elite, which is the the one holding wealth. Though at times it might be difficult to control that arm but at the end of the day the arm must obey or it's lively hood will be cut-off from the rest of the body only to be replaced by another one. They are expendable after all. Politicians know that. Overtime it is suicide to wage wars against big business. Money talks and a good smear campaign could bring down almost anyone (Eliot Spitzer anyone?). But they are also have to keep Joe public happy so from time to time they must look tough against big business just enough to get Joe's vote and temper. Then its deja vu all over again. Joe, overtime, has been conditioned to believe that it's foolhardy to have true freedom.

    The Constitution and the Bill of Rights really it's an illusion these days because their laws it's no longer sacred and it's motto posed a direct threat to the politicians and big business: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Life - yes (for now). Liberty - just enough (there's still more to squeeze). Pursuit of happiness - what kind? Real or facade? In context this is what the "Founding Fathers" is most afraid of.
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