Why the oil pit needs to be closed down, traders sent back to McDonalds

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    Nothing has ever been this simple as 'less supply -> higher prices', what if it was already priced in?
    That's why he is a journalist and not a trader, stop oversimplifying things so much.
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    these are just lots of words with no point, a bozo talking for a bozo public. Apparently you are one of the bozo public ! point proven !
  3. Welcome Apologists for The Oil Mafia.
  4. I am in the Oil industry. I not only own a % in physical wells but I raise a lot of money a year to drill domestically. I have to say that, we who own the physical oil do believe that the "Traders" push the markets.

    Now with that said, we are not against the traders. In fact in Texas we are light sweet crude not brent crude.

    The Speculators are there to play a game. That is all. Some go long, some go short. Is the Crack Spread outa wack. Sure, historical so.

    Do we flair off gas due to the low prices, yes sometimes..

    The OIL MAFFIA is not the traders its OPEC. We have enough Oil and Gas in this country and in the Gulf to get off the TIT of OPEC.

    However, the NYMEX and DUBAI floors are very powerful and have a lot of influence on breaking away from OPEC. They do not want that to happen.

    But, with that said, blaming the traders is just a way to divert you from the true ASS CLOWNS, like OBAMA and OPEC. Obama funds Columbia Refineries with US TAX DOLLARS but does not want to drill here. Obama funds Brazil oil drilling and praises the 3rd world for drilling but does not want to drill here in the US.

    OPEC is just a bunch of clowns in general.

    Look between the lines and maybe you will find the truth.
  5. And what mechanism do you propose we implement for price discovery, central planning? If sex is outlawed only outlaws will have sex.
  6. Every time OIL go above $100 the bs witch hunt againt oil traders
    start and the whining also is getting old...
  7. you don't need price discovery. you need to fix the price at a reasonable premium over the cost of production.

    everything else is bullshit.
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    if you do this, you might as well nationalize the entire industry cause that is what you're basically doing. Also, mysteriously, when you have this price fix model cost of production somehow almost always goes out of whack (up).
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    Indeed. Price fixing & rationing coordinated by some global committee of politicians. Sounds like a great plan. :D
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