Why the Obama gay rumors could never be true..........

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    That could also explain why Obama has his head up his ass on most occasions.

    "A therapist who blogs under the tag “Neo Neocon” has sensed a darker exchange. She cannot be certain about “outright sexual abuse,” but, she notes, “there is no question that the poem is describing a boundary violation on several levels: this child feels invaded – perhaps even taken over – by this man, and is fighting against that sensation.”
  3. A site dedicated to birthers,truthers and Obama homosexuality conspiracy theories cant be good for a persons mental health
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    Obama's real father abandoned the mother and the boy.

    Obama's mother then divorced the Indonesian man who Obama hoped would be a dedicated father.

    The last two male guardians he had were boundry-breaking gay men.

    I feel sorry for Obama. Are there psychologists here? Is it possible to run that paternal gauntlet and NOT be predisposed to homosexuality?
  5. How many aliases has this piece of shit had?
  6. Far to many
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    In an Indonesian paper, Obama's best friend from childhood in Indonesia (a female), stated Obama tied her to a bed so she couldn't get away.

    While it's sad that any boy had to be treated this way, as an adult, you don't continually try to mislead others, and gain power over others, that was missing from an earlier point in your life.
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    There's nothing wrong with being gay.

    Do you think the President should be ashamed, just because he may have a different lifestyle than you?
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    So a supposedly gay guy supposedly tied up a female so she couldn't get away?

    Make up your mind, genius.
  10. Conservative White male insecurity. A black man is President, so he must be gay.

    I could be really brutal here, but I will hold.
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