Why the obama budget freeze is a joke

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  1. Why the obama budget freeze is a joke

    He is able to control only the yellow band in the chart.
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    I disagree that it is a joke on the merit of the size of spending involved. The yellow band will affect the size of the red band over time. Plus, from a glance, the yellow band looks pretty big to me.

    Alone, will the spending freeze fix the nation's deficit crysis? Absolutely not, but every bit counts. We cannot dismiss any spending cut simply because it is too small. As someone who is almost out of debt, I can personally say that the small spending cuts do make a difference, but only if ALL spending cuts are made.

    More can be done, alot more. We need to embrace every spending cut possible. I think the discretionary spending should be permanently removed, not just for 3 years.

    It is a joke in my opinion in this respect though:
    I suspect that his proposal is designed not to pass congress by design. This way he can claim he tried to do something about it but can blame congress for not making it happon. All the benefits of not cutting spending while taking credit for trying to cut spending.

    I think the voters are too smart to fall for that trick though. His record spending is too big to spin in any way.

    Do I hope the discretionary spending freeze will happon? Yes.
    Do I believe the discretionary spending freeze will happon? Unfortunately, no.

  3. I can see what you're getting at, but those are projections 70 years out. The parents of the people who will comprise the bulk of the workforce at that time haven't even been born yet.