Why the newspaper is dead.

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    etc, etc, etc,

    Who reads newspapers anymore, there isn't any need for print moving forward, in the next 20 years print will be gone, maybe even sooner. Magazines are just a waste of print if you ask me as well, I haven't bought a magazine in probably over 10 years and don't understand the point, its only filled with advertisements.

    By the time the morning newspaper hits the stand its old news, I get all my news from my phone well before it even makes it to print. You can say goodbye to print.
  2. Until mankind stops shitting, there will always be demand for something to read while sitting on the pot. And surely you dont want your houseguests asking if they can use your laptop while they are using your bathroom, right?
  3. they probably have thieir own ipod or ipad! lol
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    I hope that was a sarcastic remark.

  5. Touch screen monitors will become "standard" in all bathrooms. :D :(
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    Lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a cramp in my side after that one!!!!!!!!!!!:D :D :D
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    With plenty of Lysol to disinfect the "touch" screen. :D

    Maybe voice activation would be preferable.
  8. Only 500 million people use Internet. What is the source of news for the remaining 5500 million?
  9. print the story you want . . . read it on the bowl . . . and wipe your butt with it and flush the old news away. you saved the money to buy a newspaper.

    maybe there is a market for printable toilet paper.
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