Why the market crash / bank crisis / bailout occurred just weeks before the election?

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    In order to buy into the premise of a cabal of wealth & power bent on world domination you have to assume they are above average in the brains department.

    So, let's play this thing through a bit. The cabal's smart enough to cook up this multi-generational plan and they still manage to not connect the dots a couple of years ago when Buffett called derivatives "financial weapons of mass destruction?"

    Deflation = Destruction.

    Nothing scares the shit out of the wealthy more than deflation does. Compared to that a revolution is a minor annoyance.

    Sorry, no cabal can be that smart and at the same time allow wingnuts like Greenspan, Frank, Dodd, Cox, Paulson and Bernanke run amok for this long.

    Oh, and what did Brown run in the U.K. before becoming Prime Minister?
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  2. American are a bit naive.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing, in fact I admire Americans, their hard work, innovation, commitment, etc.

    But they haven't lived the widespread corruption we have in third world countries, where EVERYTHING is not as governments want you to believe.
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  3. You're thinking like a sheeple. It doesn't work that way. The rich have means of growing their wealth that we don't have access to. If you think about it, rich people like other rich people. They share info. They help eachother get richer. That is the way of things. Since when have the rich ever cared about a revolution? Since when have the rich ever cared about depression or collapse? If you look it up, you will find the wealthy get wealthier during times of economic distress for the masses. I am astounded at people who think the wealthy run their money just like the middle class does.

    The simplicity of the working-forever class never ceases to amaze me.
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  4. What you call a corruption, we, in the US, call a "political process". Very little difference, a bit more civilized, is all.
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  5. I agree....hey, I LOVE humor!!! :D
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  6. MOST of the current risk management models and ALLOWED financial instruments were brought to our markets by the same groups I always talk about......this WAS the over leveraging plan!

    This is not hard to follow with some decent due diligence......how can a globalist entity consolidate power/wealth at WHOLESALE prices with OPM.....???
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  7. :eek: LMAO :D :D :D
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  8. Too exact ? been brewing for a few years. Lehman brothers acted as a "Black Swan"
    The media call this phenomenon "October surprise." when there is tiight race, a central event takes central stage and helps the public break towards one candidate or the other.
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  9. The picture is funny. I sincerely hope you don't think evolution is science. If so, that is evidence you don't research many important topics... especially ones built on disproven theories...

    :eek: Yikes!
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  10. lol, isn't that the truth. Instead of handing over hard cash to the gaurd at the door, you "donate" the cash to the politician or lobbyist (see what you can do) and have a law passed, repealed, amended. this would be a known in column A as "bribes".

    Column B , "corruption". Pay money to trial lawyer to change law.
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