Why the market crash / bank crisis / bailout occurred just weeks before the election?

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  1. Timing is everything.

    I'm not a big fan of conspiracy theories, but seems too exact to be a coincidence.
  2. There is no correlation between elections and crisis. crisis is just crisis, elections are elections.
  3. Simple actually........private family global wealth entities which own the fed reserve and numerous financial institutional assets had additional leverage over their puppet bought members of government (the election period added the leverage of quick action coercion). These same global entities will now use their bailout stolen cash to buy assets on the cheap (at wholesale pricing levels due to the currently planned financial grid takedown). They will use the monies they stole from our country to go on a MASSIVE OPM shopping spree......all while consolidating control over the world financial grid!
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    I bet you think Independence Day was a documentary...
  5. Why do you say that? Just because those nations with lots of money have done it to other poor countries but not the US?
  6. He just does not believe that a handful of individuals shape and control world's finances and geo-politics. Nothing wrong with it, he is probably an american, most americans do not believe in evolution either.
  7. THEY love people like you! :eek:

    "Lost citizens, empowering globalist daily!" :D
  8. Evolution is false science, but it's not hard to follow the money trail to see who makes things happen. It's not like the people in control ever deny it. They made it known long ago. Politics is the game to keep the masses busy fighting for a piece of cheese while the circus masters play their games.
  9. Shit, They make them that way. School, college, CNN, etc...
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    Because these corner-the-market conspiracies are about as believable as they are workable.

    Every attempt at cornering the market always ends in failure. From the time of the half shekel to the Hunt brothers.

    They all fail eventually.

    And, while the U.S. may be deep in debt, it's not poor by any stretch. If anything, there's a certain power in being the largest debtor on this ball of mud.

    What are we going to do, blow each other to bits?

    Pretty short-sighted if you ask me...

    Look, it's going to take these nimrods some time, but eventually they're going to realize that the only way out is to declare global chapter 11, wipe the slate clean and come up with new rules so that in a few generations we get to do the same damned thing again.
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