Why the grief ?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by pitbulltrader, May 12, 2004.

  1. Why do so many of you give people a hard time just because they are selling a course or book that they no longer need? I don't get it. Quite a critical bunch. Why not sell it if it has served it's purpose to you? Why ASSume that the material is no good? Geez...I'm constantly learning new things from courses and books etc and once I have taken the knowledge I need it is sold in the market place. Do you folks keep every book you ever purchased? Do you keep all your old cars, lawnmowers etc after you have used them up? What a negative group to be attacking people just because they are re-selling a product they bought...it's called free enterprise! I admire these folks that don't reinvent the wheel and seek out mentors in any form. It's their money so let them spend it. At the same time I do admire the contsructive posts that call attention to scam artists with facts to back up the acqusations made against a vendor who is out to rip off the public.
    I think a few of you who think you know it all should step back and remember how it was when you started. That is making a big assumption on my part that these kind folks who bash people for selling courses are actually making money. Of course there are many great topics here and other forums but that doesn't mean these other products are useless.

    I am required to state that I am not a vendor...lol. I also resell most of the courses I have purchased in my brief 7 plus years of daytrading the emini. I never stop learning and will keep buying, reading and learning to become a better trader. Once you think you know it all the market humbles you.