Why the GOP will lose in 2016

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  1. Because the only people that are voting for them are 60% or so of whites.

    The other 40% of whites plus all the others will vote Democrat.

    The non-whites are the fastest growing demographic.

    The GOP will die a slow death.

    I am Hispanic, and I made sure to vote Obama to punish Romney for his racism. I voted for Bush back then, but he was pro-Latino.
  2. What does "pro-Latino" mean? Here in California it means pro-illegal immigration.

  3. Haha...you are like one of those guys that quits his job to "punish" his boss. In reality, your boss will do just fine and you basically just fucked yourself and your family.
  4. Obama will not fuck us. Romney would have.

    The racist GOP will disintegrate by 2016 and next time around, we will vote for Hilary.

    Demographics spell the end of the GOP.
  5. The more Latinos the better!

    We need to get more in, have lots of Latino kids and make sure that demographics fucks the GOP forever.

  6. gtor514


    Then the US will become another third world shit hole like all the other spic countries in the western hemisphere.
  7. Lucrum


    That's mostly it.
  8. Sorry, Republicans, but there will never be another Republican president again. Your party is in the permanent minority.
  9. BSAM


    Amazing how happy people can be that the country has gone to shit.
  10. Lucrum


    I've essentially been saying that since the election results came in.

    Of course the problem for you welfare queens going forward is. Who is left to pay for all your "free stuff"?
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