Why the fvck do people care about obama's vacation??

Discussion in 'Politics' started by konviction, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. I'm sure this man works longer and harder than 99.99% of Americans. The amount of stress, and responsibility that lay on this mans shoulders must be heavy beyond imagination, but yet Americans want to bitch and moan when he takes time off with his family.

    It's like the "Well if I cant have it, then neither should you!" mentality .

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  3. I favor more vacations and less work for our Dear leader.
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    The nation (read the left and MSM) didn't have a problem criticizing Bush when he took one. As President, he's fair game.
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  6. He is the laziest piece of shit to ever sit in the oval office. Most of it is because he has no clue as to what his job is. He and and wife think that he won the Ms America contest. That all his job is is flying around waving at people taking vacations etc.
  7. I imagine most people are already resigned to your bipolar disorder.
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    Could the two of you get a room and just go f*ck each other and get it over with instead of subjecting the board this endless, useless banter?
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    How about the three of us get a room, and we'll fuck you.
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