Why the first gulf war and the attacks on Afganistan didn't boost the US economy?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by crgarcia, May 5, 2007.

  1. Why the first gulf war -after Irak invaded Kuwait- and the attacks on Afganistan -right after 9/11- failed to boost the US economy?

    Why Irak invasion helped the economy?
  2. Who told you it helped?

    It's helped US get deeper in debt and $ become worth even less.

  3. It's a plain fact, for those who don't close their eyes.

    Just look how the economy was in 2001, and how it's now.
    Half a trillion -the budget defense-, certainly moves the economy.
  4. What's that got to do with Iraq?

    If government wants to spend $billions on defense, they don't need to go to war. First Iraq war, US probably broke even since "coalition" actually paid for those costs. This time nobody wanted to pay. Today's economy is probably worse off than '01 when you look at how much debt has been piled on by government and the private sector and the devaluation of the dollar and the fact that the US has further backed itself into an ever tightening corner.

  5. How do you know the economy would not have been that much better without the war?