Why The Fed MUST Be Abolished

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  1. Hard to imagine now the stupidity of congress & the American public for holding greenscam on such a high pedestal. Towards, the end, that old fool just kept insisting things were good until everything disintegrated.

    That old fart started drinking his own kool aid several years back.
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    There is only one reason why the Fed should be abolished.

    It rides the back of the American Citizen like a mule for no other reason than its own financial gain. It is a pure leach.

    Unfortunately, the average citizen still believes it's a branch of the government.
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    Good point.


    The Fed cannot possibly examine "systemic risk" objectively because it helped to create the very structural flaws that led to breakdown. The Fed served as midwife to Citigroup, the failed conglomerate now on government life support. Greenspan unilaterally authorized this new financial/banking combine in the 1990s--even before Congress had repealed the Glass-Steagall Act, which prohibited such mergers. Now the Fed keeps Citigroup alive with a $300 billion loan guarantee. The central bank, in other words, is deeply invested in protecting the banking behemoths that it promoted, if only to cover its own mistakes.
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    good luck abolishing the FED

    do you people even understand

    THE FED is above even UK royalty

    Owners of the FED are gods, you can't do nothing to gods
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    We have a better shot of dissolving the entire federal government than central banking.
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    This may be true but even the mighty UK got toppled by a small number of colonies some 200+ years ago. The anti-Fed movement needs to gain popular support for it to be abolished and since the lay public hasn't a clue of the inner-working of the Fed it's highly unlikely that will happen any time soon. The Fed will soon celebrate 100 years of raping the public of its hard earned money and then it will be off to work another 100.

  7. imho, the ruling families of the Fed seem to be rushing faster and faster towards total impoverishment of the planet, and using increasingly illegal means towards capital confiscation.
    At this rate, it won't be long until our money and all of our assets are taken from us at gunpoint.
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