Why the dollar will keep falling

Discussion in 'Trading' started by detective, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. I just read about these tax rebates for $600 to $1200.
    Where does this money come from? The Treasury. A few years ago, we had those $300 checks sent out to people to buy Crocs shoes for their kids, Apple Ipods, etc. What is this obsession with keeping people spending their money? Americans already spend enough money. They need to start saving! There was a gigantic debt bubble and the only way out is lower the amount of debt outstanding, not pump more money into the system.

    The Fed and the government have almost as much monetary discipline as Zimbabwe. Keeping rates this low with high inflation is begging for a dollar devaluation. The market will keep obliging. The yen will hit 80 on the dollar before the smoke clears.
  2. They have to lower the cost of making money=lower income and corporate taxes and raise the cost of spending money=a consumer tax or federal sales tax
  3. the gold market comments on all of this
  4. On second thought, keep things the way they are. It's too cold here in Canada, I'm looking forward to an inexpensive retirement in Florida.