Why the controversy? Jack Hershey SCT vs Arthur Deco TDT

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Arthur Deco, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. Jack, if you could make SCT as simple as TDT, everyone would use it. No MADA no matta! No worksheets! No drills! Oh, what we could do with my analysis and your marketing skills! We would be the kings of late night infomercial TV! The day you make SCT this simple is the day you achieve your dreams of grandeur and respect! Look what it has done for me. My sixteen aliases are household words on seven incontinents. But you can't, can you?

    Yeah, yeah, it leaves money on the table. But it makes a clear call! Red light short. Green light long. Orange light go flat and eat an orange.
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  2. LOL, stop going around saying things like "trading is simple" or inferring that "SCT is ten times as complicated as it has to be" ... if you aren't careful, you're going to find your name(s) on a list. *snarky* :p

    LOL some more. :D
  3. At least you won't get scurvy

  4. Whoa! Who made this a thread? I was just trying to hair-ass Jack! How can I teach him anything new if he can't see me? SCT is an old trick that needs new dogs.
  5. Yeah, that was my response too.

    Welcome to the world of TUMS ... :p
  6. Ah! Then I shall make Tums my first SCT convert! Tums, don't you ever get tired of watching all that esoteric shit? When you could be watching my exoteric shit? No DOM. No volume interpretation. No this-leads-that, but sometimes that-leads-this. No pace. No agonizing 1-2-3 decisions. Nothing to hurt your head. Works on all time frames, tick to sidereal. No need to be a secular saint. Any worthless shithead can use TDT. In fact, I do!
  7. When should you have shorted oil? Oooooooh. Sooooo hard to decide!
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  8. Tums


    Hypo... your charts are so small, are they from your PDA?
  9. ... :)
  10. Should you be long or short the dollar? Let me think...
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    #10     Oct 14, 2008