Why the controversy? Jack Hershey SCT system works just fine.

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  1. Hello everyone, i registered on this forum a while back with the intent of learning the combined VSA / channels system that makes up the basis of SCT method. I did manage to learn it the hard way, through the thousands of pages of confused people posts, nebulous definitions and bullshit theories and i concentrated on what i believed to be the most important, channels and volume.

    What i do is very simple. I draw every channel i can find, and only enter those where the volume is confiming the direction (lets say a rising black - decreasing red 1-2-3 formation for a long trade) and i enter the trade the second the point 3 is confirmed.

    I dont really care for the obscure definitions of FTT LAT etc, i seriously think those aspects are not needed to trade the method successfully.

    Results are really spectacular

    So im just wondering, why all the hate then? jealousy?
  2. Where is trader28?!?!!
  3. where is that troll

    i also like to point out i`m not a impressionable newbie, ive designed and trade several different systems that are mostly automated, and im finishing up my 1st hershey autotrader prototype.
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    Doesn't sound like SCT to me. Are you "always in" open to close?
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    This is where most people misunderstood the Hershey Method.

    At the extreme level, it is "Always-In".

    At the beginner to intermediate level, people use Enter and Exits.

    Very few people have achieved the Always-In level.
  6. Show us proof of how spectacular it is after you've traded it for a while with real money.

    Ask Jack what happened to his scheme to turn $10 thousand to $1 million in 100 days:
  7. No hate and certainly no jealousy, just history. I'll document your 4 stages after you've run through them... until them, here are a few who proceeded you:

    Cocaine is a great example of the stages a Hershey trader goes through while studying Jack's "teachings." However, each Hershey Trader's progress in transitioning from one stage to the next can vary and it's not always linear... there can be regression to a former stage or stages. For example, when nwbprop publicly flamed out he accepted it and moved on with his life but he still appears every now and then having regressed to Stages 2 and 3. Also note that Stage 3 (Denial) is not always denial that the Hershey Trader traded the Hershey "method," it can be any form of denial such as denial of failure.

    Stage 1 -- Eagerness and Ingratiation

    Would someone like Spyder, Mak, Procrast etc care to shed some light on the opening channel from today, and if you have a carry over channel in play, would you mind explaining that as well. Thanks guys!!

    Stage 2 -- Delusion and Defensiveness

    These strong detractors are angry that Jack is giving away the "keys to the kingdom" so they feel the need to spread as much bad press as they can for damage control.

    Stage 3 -- Denial

    Also, please link where I said I personally TRADE the Hershey method. Where I tell everyone that I trade SCT. Go on, show me.

    Stage 4 -- Acceptance

    I dont know if "SCT" works and I dont know that Jack Hershey even trades. I have no idea of either of those things. I personally think Jack is nuts
  8. Swordless has diligently studied Jack's "teachings" and his progression through the four stages of being a Hershey trader has been noteworthy. His Stage 1 behavior has been extreme -- especially his ingratiation -- even for a koolaid drinker. And since Swordless also suffers from a more severe reality deficit disorder than the average cultist, he is still shifting back and forth between Stages 3 & 4.

    Stage 1 -- Eagerness and Ingratiation

    licking my chops as i only get better :) yes, agree jack and spyder are great, jack is a little tough to follow but his teachings, once untangled, are very helpful!

    Stage 2 -- Delusion and Defensiveness

    Im sure you probably didnt know this but actually on the very first page of the "Spydertraders Jack Hersheys Futures" thread there are links to many pieces of info for people to do their due dilligence first, ranging from the terminology to concepts to just basic background info. Anyone who read that stuff and continued on would never been seen as following a guru blindly. And it cleary states that one should read all the associated links before moving on.

    Stage 3 -- Denial

    I've repeatedly told you I don't trade SCT only that I asked some questions over a year and a half ago

    Stage 4 -- Acceptance

    Not once have I ever spoken to Jack Hershey and for all I know he's a shitty trader like you all say.
  9. ... and you want to know what the problem is #? :confused: :p :D

    ROTFLMAO, thank you very much, Trader28 is going to have a field day with your post when he stops back in.

    P.S. I do not know the OP, he is not a plant, nor is he in any way shape or form associated with the following people (to my knowledge):

    a) MandelbrotSet
    b) Jimmy Jam
    c) Trader28 (or any of his zillion aliases)
    d) Trader666
    e) Lilduckling

    LOL somemore ...with enemies like this, I don't even need my friends! :)

    P.P.S. I had actually decided to leave it alone, seeing as how the Hershey traders tend to be keeping to themselves, bothering no one and just going about their business, but if this clown wants to get the ball rolling again ... GAME ON!
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  10. LOL!!! You're a poser just like the rest of them... a few weeks ago you didn't even know the basics and now you're an SCT superstar. How typical :p :p :p

    hello guys

    I need help

    Would someone have the kindness of pointing me where i could find information on how to manually draw the volume gaussian lines. i have read thousands of pages of posts but could not find anything on the subject

    i would greatly appreciate.

    thank you very much

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