Why the chart of eSignal is not like the chart of the Broker?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by chaos_trader, May 10, 2004.

  1. Why the chart of eSignal is not like the chart of the Broker, help me because I want use Metastock with eSignal but I don't know how resolve this problem.
    thank you.
  2. The data doesn't appear to be too different to me to be of concern; there are small differences between various data vendors, brokers, and between brokers.

    MetaQuotes links directly with MetaStock.

    MetaTrader I think will link directly with MetaStock, or if not, via one of the free converters from: http://www.hypertrader.it/htools.shtml



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    > Exist a Metaserver alternative for MetaStock Professional is
    > HyperServer Lite (http://www.hypertrader.it/hserverl.shtml).
    > Can i get some comment about?

    From: "southern_man992000"
    " I have used the general DDE version and it works reliably. The Help file is not very good, but technical support usually replies to questions without much delay. Whether you can interface with your datafeed depends on its available DDE syntax, so I suggest you download and try out. If a tailored version for your data feed is available it will be easier to set up than the general DDE version.

    Currently I am using the Metatrader/Metastock version of Hyperserver together with their online downloader. Setup for Hyperserver was automatic and I just had to fill in passwords etc. to get it going.

    The downloader also works well once you understand it quirks. However it causes a time error of one bar in the time axis because Metastock identifies a bar by its end time while Metatrader uses the start time. "
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    chaos trader,

    Forex data from eSignal comes from over 200 contributing banks (GTIS is the source), however a brokers chart might only be for their quotes or at least a smaller basket of banks.
  4. hi,

    it might be the best thing to use the quotes your broker or mm executes you on...those should be the one and only quotes for you...:)