Why the Amex sux. Heres an good example

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stock777, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. Saw this disgrace yesterday, and figured it out in no time.

    Doubt it was shortable though anywhere I trade.

    Look at this 2 day chart.

  2. Fraid not.

    They ramped it yesterday.

    You lose, DuH
  3. stock...if you think that is crazy then you should watch some of the craziness that go on in thinly traded nasdaq stocks. i'm going to say the stocks i watch now for this kind of craziness but it is on the level of when GPRE ipo'ed. there are other recent examples but GPRE is the one i can remember off the top of my head since that was the first crazy one i saw on the nasdaq.
  4. I am more than aware of what goes on, in thinly and not thinly. As you can see, I've been around more than 2 weeks.

    This was the failure of the market maker to provide an orderly market.

    I have no idea who was pumping the price.
  5. lol so why are you surprised by the amex?
  6. lol, Im not.

    I mean you see $5 pumped to 20 all the time right?

    Every day.

  7. it's certainly not abnormal for the amex. i think the biggest joke in recent history on the amex was PLX.

    you also see the amex freakin break all the time too. i mean yesterday day they just broke down and they couldn't figure out if they received the messaging on orders that were sent. luckily it was only a market of 300 efa that got hung up and it ended up turning out they never got the order. but who cares i've certainly made a lot more off of their fuck ups as opposed to the times when they screwed me. i wonder what the last day is gonna be like for the amex...hopefully i'll kill it.:p