Why the afternoon is hard for me

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by cashmoney69, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. When stocks head back up, I see so many resistance levels that I have a hard time taking a trade, or at least knowing what levels to pay attention too.

    any advice how to get over this mental block?

  2. For daytrading, learn to read price action and pay less attention to S/R. After awhile, you'll just "know" where the resistance and support levels are without having to know them in advance because the price action will tell you so.

  3. The bad news is....learning to correctly read price action takes a ton of time.
  4. and brain power. Do you still trade stocks?

  5. Its worth the effort though.

    Trading futs now.

  6. sorry, another question. When you were going into futures, did you ever think about going into fx?...why'd you go with futures instead?

  7. Not really, futures just seemed like a better transition from stocks than FX did. I used to watch the futs when I traded stocks so I already had an idea about how it traded. FX just seems so different, plus I dont think volume is provided in FX markets which I need. Honestly, I dont really know enough about FX to really comment :)