Why Th Fk Is Everyone Complaining??!! Lol This Is The Best Easiest Ever!!! :)

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spanish89, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. I seriously don't get why the fuk everyone is complaining?????!!

    So far ive made nearly £4,000 in the last 2weeks trading at just £2 per tick and with a 12-ticks spread each trade!!! :D :D

    This is the fuking best ever! the easiest cash ever!! the markets are basically forcing money into your accounts!!

    So what on earth are people now compalining about?????
  2. JCVR


    Weren't you totally screwed last week and went all in on some trade? Don't worry, the market will catch up with you.
  3. dude, 4k is NOTHING in this market. Stop acting like some kind of hotshot :)

  4. Aren't you the spaniard that was crying last week that you were going to DIE because your were "broke"....you sound like JESSE

  5. Oh yeah, that was him! He was actually talking about dying.
  6. LoL

    Nah i cashed that last weeks trade in for £1,447.

    So made a consistently daily profit to total over 100% profit in 2weeks!! :D
  7. Ahhhhh what a lovely oil inventory number!! :D

    That now £927 profit for the day at £2 tick.. :p

    This is why i dont get how anyone can be not loving this market???

    ALl you gta do is sell teh fuk outta everything from their peaks and spikes and its easy 100s of points