Why tax cuts would not have worked...

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  1. First, taxes have not actually gone up.

    Secondly, during recessionary times, people who have money, who can afford to spend, stop spending due to the uncertainty. Businesses who are doing well, are resistant to spending on new projects because of the uncertainty of the future.

    I heard some idiots on Sean Hannity's show today claiming that when the Bush tax cuts expire, they are going to shut down their business at that time because of possible tax increases.

    Who would shut down a profitable business because of a tax increase of a few percentage points?

    Of course these idiots were teabaggers...

    Additionally, the Bush tax cuts did not curb the madness in the credit markets and spending binge during the Bush ear that nearly everyone agrees are the underpinning of the weakness in the economy.

    This is not to say that Obama's spending is right, but the lies about taxes going back to pre-Bush levels being a real problem are just the product of mongrel right wing thinking...
  2. A bunch of lies and half truths.

    I didn't realize the Bush tax cuts were enacted to curb the credit market madness? The people responsible for that are sitting in Washington with a (D) next to their name. One of them is probably sucking a dick at this very moment.

    Secondly, it wasn't the tax cuts that bring us to the current problem, it's the tax cuts and spending and the left cried and cried about deficits and now barry is literally bankrupting the country and the left thinks is a fine idea.

    Bush's spending was a terrible idea and now barry's is the final nail in the coffin.

    This country is on the path to destruction and I would prepare accordingly.

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