Why TA does not work

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    TA does not work people cannot read oscillators. They do not know how to use the signals that oscillators use. They do not know how to use the proper combinations of oscillators so that the signals lead price action. If more people knew how to do that, then they would be successful.

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  2. 10% winners, 90% losers.

    With respect to the losers, what might the winners do? Perhaps anticipate their impulsive behavior and fade? Perhaps figuring out which TA signal is presently in fashion and waiting for the suckerz to respond, then obliterating their small positions (they are losers, of course), taking advantage of the only volume capable of absorbing the other side of their trade?

    Have you ever heard of the trading system called "Turtle Soup"?

    These "TA is useless" threadz only exist in hopes of preserving the last vestiges of price patterns that once worked, by steering the uninitiated away from the tricks that deliver the goods.

    The game is between the experienced and the untrained.

    Have you ever seen a novice take on a seasoned boxer?

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    http://www.wimp.com/emptybottle/...i believe that whatever you use to read the market,if you use the same signals long enough,you will be able to apply the relationship between that and what the market does when..
  4. You missed one....

    Do the opposite of you. That's probably the biggest key.
  5. Ok I actually agree that lots of people (probably myself included) don't know the proper indicators to use. Like, which indicators work best in trending vs range markets (balanced and not balanced)

    I find myself currently attempting to find a set up that I feel works the best for me. Seems the best approach however is to backtest a ton, ask around, and somehow develop a good filter for noise.

    So far my biggest "ah ha" moment has been market/volume profiles.
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    One way to address chop is to watch an EMA. If price is meandering about the EMA, or the EMA is flat then do not trend trade. This is another thing about TA. Many traders do not know when to switch from one tool to another.
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    Nice. But elaborate for the rest of us what this has to do with TA? I would guess that I would need to know my indicators as well as that guy knows his forklift?
  10. I agree. Some of my best trades aroused the worst emotions as I put them on.

    The worst, made me feel the most comfortable.

    It is very odd. Does this happen to anyone else? :confused:
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