Why successful traders sell products

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  1. Why do successful daytraders & trader start selling newsletters, advice", products etc...
    I dont understand it, Why they "waste" their time on this,
    have they "lost" their touch with the markets?! or trading-confidence?!

    If so, its kind of scary that people with 20+ years of experience suddenly just dont manage to make money in the market..

    I myself admire traders who try to be Anonymous and try stay off media, or at least not sell trading advices..
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    Two likely reasons: Income and ego boost.

    Unlikely reasons that I have seen used: The need to share or the desire to teach.
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    Also boredom...
  4. <i>"Why do successful daytraders & trader start selling newsletters, advice", products etc..."</i>

    When you or anyone who asks this eternal question becomes successful at trading first, then you can answer it for yourself.

    Here are some question for y'all: why is Dan Marino working an analyst position on tv for roughly $100,000 salary when he is reportedly worth more than $30 million?

    Why is John Elway still doing tv commercials? Reports are he's worth more than $100 million.

    Why does Steve Cohen still bother showing up at the office at all? With a net worth of several $$billion, why do anything but lay on a beach enveloped with "hookers & blow"... the usual fantasy of fledgling ET'rs posted here ad-nauseum?

    The same answer applies to all questions in this thread.
  5. I cannot speak for all traders of course... I own the trading service and my service is much more expensive than average avialable in the Net. Why I do it? Simple. I do my analysis before each trading session for myself. Than I send the results to my clients. I waste about 1-2 minutes per day to write a letter, press "send" button in Outlook and have risk-free reward. This is only a little fraction of my total income but it is good reward for 2 minutes of "working" :)
  6. What is the name of your service?
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    They must be mental. :confused:
  8. LOL, nothing like a little morning pick-me-up. :D

    Good trading,

  9. I don't see why that approach would be so unlikely.

    As humans mature, their values and goals change. Once your financial needs have been met, why would giving something back to the world be so unlikely?
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    I occasionally mentor the odd (and I do mean odd) student. :p

    It's like a paid holiday for me but I would never want to have to do it full time as it's a lot of work and effort (if you do it right).

    Anyone that says they do it for altruistic reasons alone is full of it.
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