why strategy fails?

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  1. some reasons are the strategy could not filter the volatility of the price action efficiently

    ATR stops are common volatile stops

    I have applied these techniques in my strategy but it is not very efficient

    I hope I could find some more efficient entry or exit ways

    I hope some experts could recommend some good articles on this theme

    thank you
  2. That's the reason for 99% of system failures. What else is new?

  3. What would be an example, as you understand it, of not filtering volatility properly?

    I ask, because I do a lot with volatility.
  4. for example simple moving average system
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    Maybe you did not backtested the strategy long enough before putting them into action. If your strategy can fit the market environment of 2004,2005,2006, they have a much stronger chance of doing well now. The nature of the market your are trading (HSI ) has not changed from the day it was launched, but it does get some pills of vigra sporadically, like what we saw in 2007.
  7. Quote from the first site:

    "Almost Zero Lag Moving Average

    To smooth it out further, one may apply it twice with smaller period for the second. But again, you cannot make the lag zero! "

    There is no such animal as a zero-lag moving average.

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    True, but anything better than the (A)ZLMA is likely to cost some dough. :p
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    Moving average ? umm, maybe I should study them.
  10. the strategy fails becoz there r too many fasle break out

    and whipsaw
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