Why Spitzer was brought down

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  1. and all this time I thought it was because he broke the law.

    Silly me.
  2. oh and Bush hasn't?

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    Bush hasn't.
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    Not unless you count an invasion of a sovereign country that had no nuclear weapons illegal.

    Oh and let's not forget the deaths of 10's of thousands of innocent civilians.

    Ya Bush is an alright dude.... yet Spitzer sticks his pecker in a ho (his personal biziness) and you Americans get all bent out of shape.

    Sorry but America is Fucked up :cool:
  5. While I agree with this post in principle 100%, the facts of the matter is that Spitzer made plenty of enemies and his demise was brought about by himself ... period. He was a major politician who actively engaged in hiring prostitutes for sex (sometimes going across state lines) to the tune of thousands and thousands of dollars ... and if you think that wasn't done with taxpayers money, well, I hope you don't still believe in Santa Claus. :D

    Once again, I agree with post 100%, but Spitzer just gave them a reason.

    Happy Easter.
  6. So is this thread about bush or spitzer?

    OJ killed a couple people and has his freedom.. so should we free all of our killers?

    If you want to talk about bush fine, I just thought spitzer was the person we were discussing here..
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    I tend to agree with what you say. The exception being Spitzer. After aggresively going after pimps and prostitution and enacting laws that penalized Johns apart from pimps and prostitutes he ends up violating his own rules and regulations. This is blatant hypocrisy. I would go so far as to say that even slick willy doing it to Monica was ok. But not spitzer.
  8. who cares that doesn't admonish that self righteous F$CK who dragged the private lives of everyone on Wall Street through the ringer and someone who proclaimed he was going to bring government back to respectability by cleaning it up! He while Attorney General was taking down prostitution rings while going to one. No one really cares he did it what people care about is his blatant disregard for the law while proclaiming himself as an enforcer of the law. He made a lot of enemies and steamrolled people in his own party. You think the Clinton administration did not do things like that how naive are you? That is the definition of American Politics!
  9. watch the video posted by the OP

    the point being made is that spitzer was politically assassinated 3 weeks after writing an incredibly scathing Wash Post editoral, detailing how the Bush administration deliberately encouraged predatory lending and took unprecedented legal steps to undermine consumer rights
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