Why some sell books instead of trade

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  1. Can you copy/paste what you are more specifically referring too.

    I quickly skimmed over it and didn't see how it relates to books.
  2. Kubinec


    Isn't it obvious?

    Can't trade, sell books.
  3. Because trading is so mind numbing it kills you or you get out.

    Basically it's like someone telling you eat my shit for 10 years then you can retire.

    After 10 years eating shit...you had it.

    Not in the eyes of those still eating shit ofcourse but who cares.
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    Actually, I do both, but let's get back to your post as there is educational value for others in what you don't understand.

    It is an article backed by (2) books and thousands of pages at my web sites. I have posted performance data from professional trend followers for over a decade. That is not evidence of the power of systematic trend following?

    The trend followers I write about are all secretly making discretionary decisions for all those decades in their highly regulated funds? Further, that's why they all have such correlated performance, right? Let's assume you are right in your vision, what then are they doing when you examine performance such as at www.iasg.com?

    Why is Sharpe relevant for systematic trend followers?

    Who is blowing out?

    Who and what are you talking about? I think you would learn a great deal from my (2) books and this TraderZones.
  5. No, it is you who don't understand. I apparently have to repeat the OP:

    Just in case you wondered why some people need to sell books instead of trade. Read post #3 (Covell's response) - does grasp basic english or simple trading principles