Why some people never learn to trade?

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  1. I do not live in United state, and i have a disadvantage
    as there are no knowledgeable traders and firms to teach
    me how to trade.
    I hear somtimes that best way to find a solution is mentoring.
    Like recently a representative from Schonfeld Securities had
    emailed me and suggested me to travel there, live there, and
    get training from them.

    In return i had to give them my half a year profit. Do they let
    you trade along with them and supervise your trades as market
    If They realy know what trading is all about and can teach you
    that good, then what is the point of beginners trading on their
    own and keep learning things that not realy needed and instead find a shortcut to several years of wasted time and money?

    Or if there is better alternative for those going to quite?
    Btw i am not among those who are going to quite, i just started
    and have lote of money left in bank account not being needed for trading.

  2. what do you need to now.
    i can teach you something, please send me your wishes and what you want to trade.

  3. I do not want you to teach me "somthing". Learning somthing
    is like everything that i get my hand on on the internet and books
    and unreliable services daily.
    What instrument i want to trade today? I need to know if
    there are people that can tell me what to trade, and if they
    can put everything togather for me as a proven startegy for
    that trading day.
  4. Good luck
  5. what you saying ?
  6. nkhoi


    I suggest you read hitman jounal first.
  7. I am looking for someone who will develop and implement a strategy for me and back me with his capital. Basically, you would trade with your own money and just wire me the profits every week, less a small percentage for your efforts.

  8. I believe I have a good strategy (today 17 ES pts), but I would prefer your capital and I would wire you a small percentage of total profits every week.

    How about that?:D
  9. Why some people never learn to trade...

    1) dumb
    2) dumb
    3) dumb

    like praetorian says ...95% of the people are retarded, that includes trader wannbes.

    i think that about sums it up. :-|
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    In my view, the main reason why some people never learn to trade is they are not ready to think about what they want. They do not know what they want because they do not know themselves.


    1. Get to know yourself (ask the right questions)
    2. Know what you want (what do I want to achieve / trade, why?)
    3. Develop trading philosophy (what do I believe is important in trading)
    4. Derive / define trading strategy (how do I trade?)

    Conclusion: it takes time (and money). It could take 10 - 15 years to run through this process, just like in any other main endeavour (lawyer, doctor, ceo etc.). You have to give yourself the time to proceed slowly. You never give up. There are times where you don't trade, just develop ideas and think.

    Most people want it fast, they are not patient. That's why they do not succeed. Books and services cannot really do the job for you, just stimulate your thinking, directing you to new frontiers in your thinking. In my opinion, it is relevant at what time you start, as you will be influenced by the markets the time you started. Most new traders today seem to have been motivated by stock trading. At the end of the seventies it were commodities and or gold. Therefore, for most people, market selection is personal preference / random. Therefore, most winners are winners because of luck. The luck to be in the right market at the right time.
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