Why some Americans asking for lower salary from the boss?

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  1. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/06/30/u...-ruling-adds-uncertainty.html?_r=1&ref=health

    PASADENA, Tex. — In an ordinary world, Josh Hebert would have accepted the raises his employer offered.

    But in the extraordinary world of the uninsured, he has not only turned down the pay increases at the bank where he works, but has twice asked for a pay cut — so that he and his wife’s ill 7-year-old daughter can qualify for government-sponsored children’s health insurance.
  2. So it's a pay cut, but I'm guessing the gov't sponsored insurance would save him money. Probably save him more than if he took the raise and forked over the money via health insurance through work.

    I say fire him immediately. And fire everyone who ever talked to him!!!

    Be right back, just got more food stamps in the mail.

  3. "Some" on this site means "one instance of" or "of relating to a remotely select few." In contrast, when it is said that 95% traders lose or no one can outperform the market, that means "a majority" or "a belief the author holds since he/she/it just can't do it and thus no one else can."

    Now back to the article, this cost of adding another defective person to a govt program is going to be picked up by taxpayers?? Awesome. How about we test these people who are on govt life support programs(medicaid, medicare, etc..) to see if they have any potential to be a productive person. If they do, then they can receive some form of govt support otherwise, go die in the corner.
  4. Because someone can't afford health insurance?

    Go to hell man.

    Medical treatment isn't an option. It shouldn't be treated as such. It's idiots like you that make things worse than they already are.
  5. Cancer treatment costs upward of 1 million. 1 in 3 get cancer. Impossible.
  6. zdreg


    "since he/she/it just can't do it " where does this ridiculous phrasing come from? in a 1st world country you don't led people die in a corner.

    can you prove if necessary that you are a productive person. being a liquidity provider will not qualify you.

    perhaps you can provide statistics on the trader failure rate.
  7. Optimizing your compensation and government benefits is completely rational from an individual's perspective. It's the system that is broken.
  8. has any one considered the fact that if his employer were covering him he wouldnt be in this bind?

    Texas Has The Worst Health Care Services In The Nation, Agency Says

    Texas offers one of the most limited health care programs in the nation for the disabled and the poor, and more than 25 percent of Texans do not have health insurance of any kind, the highest in the nation.
  9. Outlaw inheritance, put the wealth cap at 50 million dollars, send the money to cancer research.
  10. +100000

    Inheritance super most unfairest thing in the world. It is money earned without working which is not fair at all. Just because this money was owned by your biological parents does not mean you should own it.
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