why so slow?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ET99, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. ET99


    why the market is so slow?
    what is the world waiting for?
  2. sellers to show up.
  3. i'm ready for maximum pain to the downside !
  4. something wrong with your broker?

    did it give you a message saying: stocks beginning with A ending with P are not available for trading?

    did it give you a message saying: AMEX is temporarily unavailable for trading?
  5. Ever see the Roadrunner run off a cliff?
  6. What do you mean slow? My short option positions (puts and calls) are moving every day. It is like having a house plant, just need to give it a little water here and there and make sure it gets enough sun.
  7. ET99


    I was thinking, this market is seriously getting ready to take off.
  8. Upside? The invisible "They" have dragged this market up by its snotty nostrils (see the prevalent daily pattern for the last two weeks). It is poised to rape the profits of selling to unwise longs now.
  9. up or down who cares. do something
  10. risky63


    you want action.....straddle the market at 8:28 tommorrow
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