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    Part #2 :
    Part #1 :

    It's like a Reverse Hall of Fame.

    Disclaimer : no humiliation/bullying intended, all for the purpose of fun.







    whysoserious10 (2).PNG *********************************************************************

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    WHYSOSERIOUS1 (3).PNG *********************************************************************


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    whysoserious2 (3).PNG


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  3. Same fraud pattern .Polar bear cub,moans with great emotion , producer kept cub apart form its polar bear mom. Cause = climate change.:caution::caution::caution:,:caution::caution::caution::caution::caution:
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    Hmm. I kinda' agree with this statement...


    Yes. Climate change has caused everyone to pig-out on EV.

    Electric vehicles are very quiet on the road. So if you are not extra careful, you can get hit by the vehicle you did not hear coming, like an electric bus...

    Always look both ways TWICE when crossing the street.

    This is the problem with runaway railcars. They run on steel rails with steel wheels and are very very quiet. An electric bus is kinda' the same thing, just a bit smaller.
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    I can remember when my father bought a brand new Mk1 Ford Zephyr, a lady stepped out on the road and nearly got hit by dad because the engine was so quiet. :)
    (That was 1955) :)
  6. Yeah that was the danger of going to a Whole Foods when Priuses first came out. Those cars would sneak up on you.
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    I thought the most dangerous thing about going to Whole Foods was how the bill sneaks up on you while shopping there.
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    I testify!
    Walked up to the corner. Y'know how downtowns sometimes have those old streets that are built up in the center from repaving and drain toward the curb where the decades of shaving back and repaving can bring a corner down substantially from the crown of center of the intersection. Yeah, I never paid attention to that either. Nor did I give proper attention to the Left when i went about my merry way to toe the curb and wait for the crosswalk. Why do I need to look left, I'm waiting for the light. Safe as milk. Wrong, the side mirror of an electric bus wizzed by just about one red hair from me face. This bus was pulling over to make a stop a hundred feet up the sidewalk.
    A brushback like that sticks with ya, lol. Wait back a couple of feet and preferrably behind the freakin stop light support column. If they gonna getcha ass, make 'em Work for it.
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    This has been my experience. I only feel healthier leaving because I shaved off 10 pounds of weight. It’s unfortunate it comes from my wallet.
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    Well, stop shopping with gold bullion, lol!
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