Why so many prints far from B x A ?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by felichka, Jun 4, 2003.

  1. Can somebody explain this thing that started 3 - 4 days ago ? Many NYSE stocks do not care anymore to update Bid or Offer while printing trades lower than Bid or Higher than Ask. These stocks are not those 5 that scheduled for pilot liquid quote. Today I have seen this behavior at least 10 - 15 times in relatively low volume stocks. Is this some sort of system glitch or a green light for specialists allowing to screw everybody in order to maintain "fair" market in the interest of screwed public ?
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    No body cares. SEC, uhuh. They are the same, sons of the biteches.
  3. I assume that I am the only one who sees that ? Must be something wrong with me if nobody here encounters that . Does anybody here who trades NYSE see the same recently ?
    So far 75 people viewed this thread and only one answered, they all must be NASDAQ or Futures traders.
    I am trying to figure out if this my system or a new way of friendly specialist's treatment.
  4. Look at the threads on the liquidity quote. A lot of stocks have been trading like that for a couple of months now as they were "testing" this on the masses without too much publicity. I think their were 2 or 3 threads on this where this was occuring on stocks like wmt, c ,mrk, pfe, ect