Why so many beginners get into daytrading, with sky-high expectations?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by crgarcia, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. Right from the beginning?
  2. hmmm, well an unlimited earning environment vrs a 9-5 or hourly wage. You do the math Garcia, its pretty fricking obvious.
  3. I picked a random day from a few months ago (so I wouldn't remember what happened) to play back on Ensign simulator for the ES earlier tonight.

    I chose March 20th

    For kicks I set it to 25 contracts.

    I made 40K.

    There's your sky high expectations.

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  4. They look at intra day price swings and suppose they can buy low and sell high.
  5. Why not??

  6. One word says it all: SIMULATOR.

    In the real life fills are very different.
  7. they paper trade. What i find really humorous is people here on ET who design systems, and then argue until they are blue in the face that paper trading results are valid if you follow the system!

    They obviously don't get it that psychology and money management are prolly 90% of the battle.

    They do get it after they trade for a few months and then lose a bundle however. Of course, they often don't know why, so they keep tweaking the system.
  8. Not 3x daily range?

  9. Uhh, not on the ES they aren't.
  10. This may be a beginner thread. The print is a print of a person learning.

    As you see he has a good handle on what he is doing as he learns.

    You may not be able to grasp what the market offers. So here is an attachment of intermediate trading.


    As you see this leaves a lot on the table as well. It is only 37 trades instead of 9.

    While OT in this thread, you mention 3x the daily range. So with respect for garcia who is a beginner, I will not hijack the thread any further.
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