why so few women traders

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    anyone else think that maybe our offices should recruit women traders? who cares if they lose money, as long as they are hot.... i need some eye candy in my office, looking at 40 yr old men all day doesn't do the same for me as looking over to see a nice tight ass and the occasional panty shot once in a while.......we need to start a movement to get women traders in the offices (even if they only stay under the desk all day- we could call them "assistant" traders ) :D :D
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    i bet don bright won't touch this thread.....too un-pc -lol :D
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    It`s quite clear. In regular job they can make a lot of fake moves. In trading the truth is naked.
    They are good mostly in office politics. But I don`t get that political BS that they are more efficient.
    Obviously there are more exceptions... which confirms the rule.
    Now... let`s wait for the attack of right wing feminists :D
  4. There are almost no women traders because, as a species, women are more sensible and practical than men when it comes to money and careers. Men are dreamers and women are realists. Or so my wife tells me...
  5. Women are averse to risk.
  6. Men enjoy the hunt
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    Love your post.
    I don't know how many times I have read they are better investors. Actually in this country (USA) they are better in just about everything.:confused: :D :D
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    Hi all,

    Well as a female trader (albeit not very successful yet) I'd better answer hadn't I? :)

    Women are more risk averse than men and they also have less unallocated time, particularly if they work and have childcare responsibilities. In addition to that they tend to earn less money so have less "spare" cash to play with. They also tend to put that money in "safer" options. All of these things are a barrier to having an interest in trading.

    So only those who are highly motivated will try it and those will be fewer in percentage terms than men. Motivation for women is probably different too. In my case it's a mixture of intellectual challenge, an interest in my own psychology and learning a new skill which I HOPE will give me an income equivalent to a part-time job that I can fit in as flexibly as possible with the needs of my young family. I am very pragmatic, I certainly don't see myself with piles of money though trading, if it happened would be a bonus.

    But I do love it with a passion, and I am determined to be good at it. Just not quite there yet :)
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    Linda Raschke is a woman (successful) trader.
    I read about a 74 yr.old female trader in a Toronto trading firm who made over 2 million $ trading at the firm in 1999-2000.
    Toni Turner, a female trader, wrote one of the best (imho) books EVER on daytrading called, "A beginner's guide to daytrading online". Her rule on watching the S&P's and the tick and trin together have made me a more profitable trader.
    This is a tough field.........this is a career you normally don't hear about when you are growing up (unless someone in your family is a trader)......how many kids say they want to grow up and become a trader??
    I never discovered trading till I was over 30.
    Having a passion for trading is the first step.
    There is a successful lady running (and trading) several trading offices in Texas and online. Her last name starts with P.
    I've met a few women traders myself in CA and in chat rooms.
    Most traders seem to be older, out of shape, (just kidding) men.
    With a few young hot-shots around here and there....
    Trading is TOUGH........
    How many people (men and women) have the stamina to stay in this field after their guts have been spilt (figuratively) all over the floor?? How many people can take the stomach and bowel problems that can come with overtrading and losing and stupidly trading when confused and or fearful.....NEVER TRADE WHEN YOU ARE CONFUSED OR FEARFUL. GET OUT and take time off!

    I began trading in the early 90's with my husband...trading commodities, futures.....we studied the Ken Roberts plan....When I saw charts, I thought I was in heaven!!! Wow, what a way to make money!! Stay home with the babies....follow the charts, buy low, sell high.....This was in the days before computer hook ups too, guys, you called your broker over the phone and placed your trades. We had beginner's luck....ran an account of $3000 to over $12,000 in 3 months....I believe at one time the equity was getting close to $18,000.....you know the story, lost in all in the next few months, but I was hooked. And I've stopped and started since then, coming back stronger each time.
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    I would love to see more females in this industry, every trading room I've been to is a dick fest
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