Why SIM is the worst ever for a trader

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by TheBestGuruEver, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. If you lose money trading the SIM, well, good luck.

    I made soo much on the SIM, I think I broke the software. LOL.

    With no emotions behind your trades, what good is SIM besides learning the platform?

    Maybe use SIM to test a system, experiment with placing stops, etc....

    However, my point is that the profits you make in SIM might actually HURT you when you trade Live.

    I'm sure there are plenty of "Gurus" out there that use SIM and you wonder why they are soo composed.
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  2. I think SIM is to figure out the software how to use it and get to know the function and all
    but useless for trading that is for sure as there is no tension or emotion involved in it .
  3. maxpi


    With sim you can figure out your whole trading career really. Once you have a real good system that you like, emotion should not take you out of the game... I play with the Ninjatrader replay data after hours and on weekends all the time...

    Money management and Psychologist trading coaches are for people without a good system or an edge.. Van Tharp said it, I'm just the messenger...
  4. Not necessarily. If you are fully automated (like I am) you'd want to forward test a system in a sim account before throwing in real money. For a discrectionary trader though, it's much better to start with a small real account than a simulated one.
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    I couldn't agree with u more
  6. Shit in/ Shit out. What do you expect. If you can trade a SIM but not trade live......you're not REALLY trading the SIM correctly at all.

    That or you're trading too large a position live.

    Either way, I don't totally agree.
  7. SIm is great.

    * If one can not make money with Sim, one must not even trade real. Making money in Sim does not mean one will handle emptions and slip properly, but... if one can damn not handle SIm with profits... how can he make money real?
    * On top, Sim is great to test out new things. Automated back / forward testing, but also trying new setups for a couple of dozen times to get some sort of feeling for a setup.

    All that "sim is useless" is from people expecting too much from Sim. You made money on sim? great. So you have a positive edge ;)

    Now learn to trade.
  8. I always lost money when I tried trading SIM. I think it was because I didn't really care.

    It was good to learn the platform though.

  9. One just has to take it for what it is worth - and to take it serious.

    Saying "sim in trading does not work" is like saying "simulators dont work for pilots". Sure it is something else to fly a real plane, emotionally etc., but one can TRAIN in the sim.

    I yesterday lost quite some money from data entry errors. Things got heated up, I sold instead of buying, then reversed instead of just standing aside... but it took me 30 seconds to realize I was on the wrong side. I was happy it was on SIM and I know I need more training before I go real - not necessarily a lot, one week should fix that ;)

    Take SIM for what it can provide, and take it serious. Then benefits are plenty.