Why should the health care industry be a for profit institution?

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  1. Think about it...

    Follow the money trail...

    Do the doctors and the patients profit the most?

    Or do lawyers, drug companies, etc. and insurance companies profit the most?
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    Why don`t you start non-profit health care, you`ll win the competition, guaranteed, after all you don`t want any a profit, so you`ll undercut the competition?
  3. Why don't we apply the anti trust legislation that insurance companies are currently exempt from...and see what happens.

  4. they is what they should do, follow the singapore system whereby those who do not have pte health insurance have compulsory savings imposed(taken out of salary every mth) to pay for any medical costs over their lifetime.

    "Singapore has a universal healthcare system where government ensures affordability, largely through compulsory savings and price controls, while the private sector provides most care. Overall spending on healthcare amounts to only 3% of annual GDP. Of that, 66% comes from private sources.[1]

    Singapore currently has the lowest infant mortality rate in the world (equaled only by Iceland) and among the highest life expectancies from birth, according to the World Health Organization.[2] Singapore has "one of the most successful healthcare systems in the world, in terms of both efficiency in financing and the results achieved in community health outcomes," according to an analysis by global consulting firm Watson Wyatt.[3]

    Singapore's system uses a combination of compulsory savings from payroll deductions (funded by both employers and workers) a nationalized catastrophic health insurance plan, and government subsidies, as well as "actively regulating the supply and prices of healthcare services in the country" to keep costs in check; the specific features have been described as potentially a "very difficult system to replicate in many other countries." Many Singaporeans also have supplemental private health insurance (often provided by employers) for services not covered by the government's programs.[3]"
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    What type of profit are you referring to?
  6. Corporate profits.

    Imagine if the fire department was a for profit corporation. They hear about a fire in an area that is in a very low income area. They decide there isn't enough profit in it for them to put out the fire.

    Imagine the police department was a for profit corporation. They hear of a domestic abuse situation in a very low income area. They decide there isn't enough profit in it for them to drive out and look into the problem.

    Imagine an insurance company was a for profit corporation. They hear of a low income patient who is covered by their policy who needs a transplant and they decide to delay the authorization of the transplant until the patient dies...because there isn't enough profit in it for them.

  7. Yes, but you are overlooking the shareholders who are saved. That should count for something, eh?
  8. The business of medicine is an oxymoron....

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  10. IF Potential Doctors entering into to the field had no profit motive. Then I can't imagine the sclubes by which you might be treated.

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