why should the American regs have any say over ICE

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by mahram, Sep 22, 2006.

Would americans accept FRANCE making regulations over their Exchanges

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  1. thetool


    Another misguided, anti-US rant from our iranian mahram.

  2. plax


    Where have YOU been for the last years, what cave have you been hybernating in? It's not a British exchange anymore, ICE owns the IPE and ICE is based in Atlanta, USA. IPE no longer exists as an open outcry market anymore its all electronic . Wake up and smell the coffee:confused:
  3. BS plax, under the agreement, with the CFTC, they are regulated by the british. Its just as usual the americans dont live up to their agreements and treaties. And its just as usual americans want to export their rules and regulations to other countries. IE, mexico when they wanted to legalize drugs and in canada about marijauna laws. You have to admit, its not out of the usual.

  4. sweet I have a person who actually spent the time to create another id to respond to me :D

    QUOTE]Quote from thetool:

    Another misguided, anti-US rant from our iranian mahram.