Why should I use DuckDuckGo instead of Google?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by gwb-trading, Mar 7, 2018.

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  2. wildchild


    Been using DDG awhile now. Welcome to the party.
  3. jem


    I have started using it. I am starting to gain confidence in it.

    Its still early but when I did a query about trade protectionism ... google gave me all anti tariff responses where ddg gave a more balanced response.

    maybe it was random... we shall see.
  4. Pekelo


    I duckduckgoed (hm, rolls off of the tongue like a hot pizza burning it) "profitable trading strategy" and all I got was a link to a Nigerian prince...

    Just kidding, I have been using DDG since I read this thread.
  5. fhl


    from an article:

    "In response to demands for more transparency surrounding user data, Facebook and Google are offering users the option to view all of the metadata that Google and Facebook collect. And as Twitter user Dylan Curran pointed out in a comprehensive twitter thread examining his own data cache, the extent and bulk of the data collected and sorted by both companies is staggering. Google, Curran said, collected 5.5 gigabytes of data on him – equivalent to some 3 million Microsoft Word documents. Facebook, meanwhile, collected only 600 megabytes – equivalent to roughly 400,000 documents.

    Another shocking revelation made by Curran: Even after deleting data like search history and revoking permissions for Google and Facebook applications, Curran still found a comprehensive log of his documents and other files stored on Google drive, his search history, chat logs and other sensitive data about his movements that he had expressly deleted. What’s worse, everything shown is the data cache of one individual. Just imagine how much data these companies hold in total."
  6. Here4money


    I've tried it and liked it but have come to terms to give up a bit of privacy for the convenience of Google