Why should France have a veto right in the U.N. ?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by freealways, Jan 21, 2003.

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    Who is asking for help from Americans here on this board?
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  2. traderkay
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  3. So that's the real reason fairplay has been a PITA in these threads, he's afraid the War against Terrorism will continue in Indonesia after Iraq.
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    No, I am not a terrorist!

    When I go abroad I do not go around with a signboard telling the world that I am Indonesian. Whatever for?

    Unfortunately many Americans have this way of speaking loudly in public thus identifying themsleves. But that alone is not the point, why some of you are not welcome: those who are so obviously Americans also tend to lecture the world on how things should be done, ie the American way.

    Imagine this: an Indonesian enters a "diner" somewhere in the states and proceeds to lecture the waitress on how to set the table and how to serve the food and drinks. Apart from being ridiculous, I do not think his comments would be welcome?

    Although, from the little I know about American restaurants, I think you people could do with some grooming...
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  5. We are very well groomed......

    However, sometimes we are messy eaters.....

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  6. Indonesians attack even (or specially) the most inoffensive, quiet Americans. You don't know Americans, definitely.
    your comment about American restaurants: more proof you don't know anything about America.
    So you sympathize Al-qaeda for blowing the WTC? "that'll teach those arrogant americans for pretending to be better than me" is that the way you think?
    If we are not better than you what are you doing here, aren't you trying to copy our methods to make a buck, or are you here just to be a PITA?
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  7. <<in my country Germany is not at all known for starting and then losing two world wars, and genocide. Here they are known for their superior products and for their excellent education system.>>

    Lets not forget space travel and also many technologies that are now taken for granted .
    Also was WW1 not started by the Autrians?
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  8. <<who else is going to enforce deterrence with aggresive dictators and terrorists? >>

    Specially that those dictators were installled by the US govt in the first place.
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  9. <<Germany's, France's and Russia's stance on Iraq has got everything to do with oil contracts and oil refineries construction contracts >>

    And the US not?
    Its funny that it is OK for the US to defend its interest but whne it comes to another country this right is not to be there wow
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  10. >>As for Germany I am sure the world would be thrilled with you having a veto vote. How long before you try to vote Israel out of the UN and the PLO in.<<

    Actualy Germany is one of the strongest ally that Israel has. But contrarly to present US regime they believe that Justice needs to be balanced.
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