Why should France have a veto right in the U.N. ?

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    Franklin played a crucial role in the American Revolution, being the ambassador to France and parlaying his celebrity into gaining French assistance, without which the American Revolution probably would not have succeeded. While the Americans rarely had 10,000 soldiers in the field at any time, the French committed more than 30,000 soldiers to the American Revolution. At the final battle of the Revolutionary War, the siege of Yorktown, there were as many French soldiers and sailors as American soldiers. Thirty French warships, cutting off the British Army from receiving reinforcements, proved decisive.
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    Your ignorance of history has nothing to do with color. You asked why France had veto power. The answer can be found in any world history book. If you choose to know nothing about how the world works, you can hardly expect to be a dominant power in the UN.

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  3. Indonesia would qualify

    For what? Where is indonesia...is that in indiana?
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    where is Indiana ?
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    You would be surprised that in some parts of Indonesia there are still cannibals, so I would advise the US Marines to stay away!!! Unless of course they have forgotten that a "headhunter" can also be someone who is really interested in your head for dinner...

    Interesting your remark about racial killings. America's success is based on racial killings, like some other former British colonies (eg Australia). And was that so long ago?

    Yes, the situation here is complicated, and probably we cannot accept Indonesia as a role model. But I doubt it that many Asian countries would accept the US as a role model.

    Any other Asians in here?
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  6. Nice point, and all you who think that Americans have the "moral higher ground", keep the above in mind when you celebrate Thanksgiving.
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  8. So why are you here asking for help from americans here on this board, I bet if I go ask for help to your country anybody will help me too? I don't think so...
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    Yes, it is true. Our government has waited much too long and allowed some terror groups to blossom, even though there was evidence. But I think the Bali bomb was a turning point.
    Unfortunately many people in the Maluku suffered, especially christians, and this is what is held against the government.

    Ethnic violence which is disguised as religious, hardly anything more horrible in the world but people who commit crimes in the name of god.
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  10. Are you a terrorist too? The government doesn't do anything because the population likes it that way. When americans go to Indonesia, people make it clear we are not welcome.
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