Why should France have a veto right in the U.N. ?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by freealways, Jan 21, 2003.

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    AD :p

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  2. Allez, allez...

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    Fairplay Quote

    Why not, eg Indonesia?
    Or Germany?

    Yes, why not Germany? Just because they have an opinion which does not suit you? Or because of things which happened almost 60 years ago?

    By the way: in my country Germany is not at all known for starting and then losing two world wars, and genocide. Here they are known for their superior products and for their excellent education system.

    Get a grip fairplay.

    Your supposed examples are so weak and trivial it makes me question why I am wasting my time responding.

    Indonesia...come on.

    As for Germany I am sure the world would be thrilled with you having a veto vote. How long before you try to vote Israel out of the UN and the PLO in.

    As for the education system, you obviously did a great job with the Hitler Youth's so there is no reason to doubt.

    As someone else questioned, who would you rather have as the dominant power, China?

    Maybe its ok because you like the food...:D :D :D
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    Cohon, for your information I am Indonesian. And I do not understand your "come on". Can you elaborate?
    Why not Indonesia but only the US, China, Russia, France and the UK?

    And again: why not Germany? Or Australia? Or Japan?

    I do not know if it is German policy to be against Israel, I understand that it is to the contrary. They are just against war.

    By the way: why should any nation have a veto right? What makes the present members so special that they get this priviledge?

    Whom would I rather have as a dominant power? Well, the best would be someone without weapons of mass destruction. Indonesia would qualify!

    But you are right: Chinese food well prepared is great. But don't try to get anything decent in Beijing. They sort of have lost it... Shanghai is more refined
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    Because those who are in the driver's seat have earned it. If you don't know history, you won't know why.

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    So tell me what you know about Indonesian history. Or am I not white enough?
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  8. indonesia a dominant power? yeah right. so you can treat the rest of the world as east timor? one thing you should learn about americans is that we don't let anybody to push us around like you did with suharto, and before you accuse us of racists you should go back to your own country and look how you kill yourselves because of ethnic infighting. not for nothing indonesia is called the "asian yugoslavia". so, does a barbaric society like yours deserve to have any say in world affairs? i don't think so. get some civilization first.
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  9. Fairplay, you use the words "Or am I not white enough?"

    That is one of the most stupid remarks I have ever heard.
    It means that you have a big chip on your shoulders.

    It is in the same class as the statement made by Serena Williams' mother this weekend when she accused the (mainly Australian) public at the Australian tennis championship of being racist 'because the public this weekend didn't support her daughter enough' (or something like that).

    Then, so as to emphasise her point, she felt it necessary to bring in a point about the whites in this country (Australia) having dominated the aboriginies.

    In both statements logic appears to be missing.

    I have some inkling where you are coming from but if you don't want to be ridiculed and want to be dealt with on equal footings I suggest you leave out such ridiculous remarks in your debate.

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  10. Buzzy2, it isn't such a long time ago when there were cannibals in Indonesia.

    So they have come a long way since. But of course they still have a long way to go before they are on an equal footing with a country like the USA.

    Respect can only earned by one's behaviour in the human rights area.

    As long as the powers in charge (in Indonesia) tolerate racial killings (even protecting the guilty ones) they haven't advanced anough to be called 'civilised enough' to be considered leadership material.

    One of the problems in Indonesia is that whilst the people presently at the very top in Indonesia are trying very hard to do the right thing but are being sabotaged by powerful figures both in the military and in the government.

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