Why should France have a veto right in the U.N. ?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by freealways, Jan 21, 2003.

  1. El Cohon

    El Cohon

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    If I sound like an arrogant American so be it. Its one of the perks of being the best.

    Response from Wild

    don´t worry, you sound just like the other millions of peace-loving American geniuses ... over there.

    out of curiosity ... what precisely is it that makes you believe to be the best ?

    My Respone to wild

    Hmm, Lets see, would I rather be German - mostly famous for starting and then losing two world wars and attemtped genocide
    or French - famous for being on the winning side of two world wars fought within their own borders, while simply surrendering to whomever had the most guns like their cowardly german neighbors.

    Come on

    We are Americans, we are 11-1-1 in wars. We have either kicked the crap out of or rescued every country in Europe.

    In the case of Germany we kicked their ass twice and then protected half the country from the Russians doing it again. The only thing we have asked in return is that you continue to provide us with your two saving graces.

    Beer and Automobiles.

    Other than that, we have no use for you cowards questioning our obvious superiority.
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    Thank you, that last sentence pretty much wraps it up, and quite neatly at that.

    The word "superiority" to me has a very bad taste. Add any colour in front of it, and you have the KKK and similar organisations.

    I had mentioned Honduras and South Africa only as examples, there are many other countries in the world who could also be there with a veto right.
    Why not, eg Indonesia?
    Or Germany?

    Yes, why not Germany? Just because they have an opinion which does not suit you? Or because of things which happened almost 60 years ago?

    By the way: in my country Germany is not at all known for starting and then losing two world wars, and genocide. Here they are known for their superior products and for their excellent education system.

    And as for the French: all I know about them is that they were basically the first ones who codified human rights. And I like their food.:p
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  3. I guess that El Cohon will in good time respond to your post.

    In the meantime let me congratulate you on your innocence.
    As someone else so aptly remarked a couple of days ago on E.T. ,
    Germany's, France's and Russia's stance on Iraq has got everything to do with oil contracts and oil refineries construction contracts (and also, in Russia's case, with trying to collect the large debt owed to Russia by Iraq).

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  5. man you guys are pretty vicious today...you must be losing some coin...

    anyway, i have a joke about the french -

    why do trees line the streets of paris??

    because the germans like to march in the shade...
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  6. Reading this thread allows me to better understand why Americans are hated by so many people around the world...

    Not intending to offend... obviously.

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  7. It helped me to understand better why we are hated too: jealousy, inferiority complex, ideology, ignorance. Would you prefer the chinese the russians or the arabs to be the most powerful nation on earth instead of Americans? be careful what you wish for.
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    Oh? Before 1215?

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  9. We have collaborated in creating a world in which technically 'ordinary' people would rather strap explosives to their guts and blow up a restaurant than fall in love, get married, have kids, start a business, find a cure for cancer.... etc etc etc.

    Somewhere along the line something went wrong. How can we fix it? Damned if I know.
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    Oh? Before 1215?


    ....Was that am or pm ?

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