Why should France have a veto right in the U.N. ?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by freealways, Jan 21, 2003.

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    Sorry, it was fairplay. You got caught in the cross-fire :p

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  2. Ultimately the question is "Why should a country like France have the right of veto".

    And I would like to change that sentence to : "Why should a country like France have the right of veto if it is clear that they are talking through their pocket.".

    One would almost have to say that they need to stand aside as they are biased, the same as a judge stands aside from a courtcase if there is some important connection witth one of the parties.

    Russia, France and Germany all have important financial relationships with Iraq so isn't it clear that they are likely motivated by those financial considerations, those parochial considerations, rather than what is good for mankind as a whole ?

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  3. aren't France permanent security council because of their military power?
    (their record in 20th century warfare notwithstanding..)
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  4. Well that article sums it up well doesn't it Darkhorse ?

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