Why should France have a veto right in the U.N. ?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by freealways, Jan 21, 2003.

  1. It looks to me as if the French population is in serious need of psychological help to repair their self esteem.

    Many of their major government decisions (like, for example, in the present Iraq situation) appear to be made based not on common sense but for local public consumption purposes.

    It seems that the population's psyche as a whole still seems to be immersed in the idea that they are a great nation.

    Their politicians, for their own purposes, play on that aspect for political gain.

    No-one seems to want to remember that during the pre-1940 period France (as many other European nations did) chose to bury their head in the sand about what Germany's intent was.

    In the end half of the population collaberated with Germany !!!
    and it was the USA (and other nations like Canada etc - thank you all) who got Europe out of the shit.

    This is 2003, appeasement doesn't work, never has, never will.

    Why this French nation, which today is no longer relevant, should still have a right of veto in the U.N. is beyond my comprehension.

    The French have demonstrated a total disregard for other people in their recent past actions (just consider for example their atomic tests in areas well away from France but too close for comfort for other populations inhabiting nearby islands) so why should the world continue to cater to their idiosyncracies ?

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    Personally I have nothing against France, and if by a veto they prevent death and misery for the people in that country from where most probably humanity derives it roots, the better!

    But I think the entire system of the UN is flawed and obsolete. By which logic, may I ask does the US, France, China etc have veto rights but not, say South Africa or Honduras? Are these not "adult" countries, but little boys who should do as they are told?

    Any comments please that go beyond some chauvinistic blabber, please: this is a serious issue!
  4. Let us play fair Fairplay. The question regarding France was raised because they aren't at all interested in the welfare of the world as such.

    They are petty minded, arrogent people, absolutely hating everything english, and their decisions are based not on what is fair and square but on their own selfish interests. They were at one stage indeed a great nation but that time has long since passed.

    I don't for one moment think they should have the right to determine my , yes, MY interests, influenced and motivated by their outmoded and parochial outlook.

    I cannot help it that a fair proportion of their inhabitants are muslims, some of them (a minority admittedly - with many of the majority nevertheless with little ability to think rationally and emotionally being all too readily inclined to be swept up in non rational protests) with the government of France obviously frightened of, and swayed by, illogical minority pressure groups (violent ones at that) rather than making rational decisions in the greater interest of their country if not the world, then in my opinion France does not qualify to be one of the world leaders.

    Even though it appears as if the points you raise may be valid considerations it seems nevertheless to me that you are trying to deflect from the french issue by bringing in other countries as an issue.

    Remember no organisation can function properly unless there is rational leadership.

    The countries you suggest are indeed tin pot ones at that in my opinion.

    If France is a hasbeen, no amount of francophilism on your part can change that.

    Yes, the US is indeed piping the tune but they are also one of the greatest financial supporters of the U.N. Remove the US out ofthe equations and I doubt there would be a a United Nations.

    Most lilkely there would have been a United Greater Russia instead !!

    I originally come from Europe and I can see that many countries
    there have for too long a period sponged on the US's benevolence.

  5. El Cohon

    El Cohon

    Honduras and South Africa should have veto power at the UN.

    Come on.

    The only thing Honduras offers the world are cigars (fine ones I must admit but nowhere near their Cuban cousins)

    South Africa, their claim to fame is what they NO LONGER offer the world, a society divided based solely on color. Give them veto power and they will vote all the blacks out of the UN.

    The US is the UN. We are the largest financial supporters and the only members, other than perhaps China, with enough military strength to actually enforce UN decisions. Last time I checked the only Chinese representative in a UN Peace Keeping mission was the delivery guy.

    Face reality, if we say no, it aint happening and if we say yes, it is. All else is window dressing.

    If I sound like an arrogant American so be it. Its one of the perks of being the best.:D
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    Quote from El Cohon

    If I sound like an arrogant American so be it. Its one of the perks of being the best.

    don´t worry, you sound just like the other millions of peace-loving American geniuses ... over there.

    out of curiosity ... what precisely is it that makes you believe to be the best ?



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  7. reason is.. France has nukes. incase you geniuses haven't thought of it:) btw, US hasn't even paid its U.N. membership dues. whats this crap about being the largest financial contributor? And yea I agree, U.N. is a joke and Kofi Annan is the main clown.
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    ... and the ground for the UN building was a private donation of the Rockefeller family ...
  9. HA Ha bravo cohon, show them peace-loving fairies who has cohones.
    wild: we like peace, we don't like to waste lives and money getting rid of cockroaches, but somebody has to do it, who else is going to enforce deterrence with aggresive dictators and terrorists? since nobody else has the cohones the us has to do it, and you european people like the women in the house never do anything but always complain we do everything wrong.
  10. Mr Wild is saying : "out of curiosity ... what precisely is it that makes you believe to be the best ?"

    I believe that it is Mr Wild's feeling of inferiority which makes him pose that question.

    Germany's history is that they always start a war and the end result invariably is that they finish up losing. No wonder the population is suffering from an inferiority complex.
    They are the proverbial losers.

    So, in a way, Mr Wild's outlook isn't so amazing.

    The fact is that both France and Germany haven't done anything to earn our respect.

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