Why should Amerians care about religious animals?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by QdzResurrection, Apr 1, 2004.

  1. They are just animals. Only animals do that.

    My call, let's destory them all and get out.
  2. Whats a religious animal ?
  3. Animals are Animals. Religious animals are religious animals.

  4. saxon


    That's the point. You can't "get out" unless you leave the planet. And maybe not even then, because if someone can send a spacecraft to the outer reaches of the solar system, they could also send a bomb.

    Guess we'll just have to learn to live together...like it or not.

  5. Oh that religious animal.

    Many think they're religious and going to be rewarded when they die. Few are actually told.
  6. ==============
    Thats a old pattern that repeats;
    some animals turn into man eaters & have to be destroyed.:cool:

    Others become believers & bow the knee before Rabbi Jesus .

    Sir Oliver Goldsmith poem;

    The wound it seemed both sore & sad

    To every Christian eye.

    And while they swore the dog was mad !

    they swore the man would die.

    But soon a WONDER came to LIGHT

    That showed just who had lied.

    The man recovered from the bite

    The dog it was that died !!!

    Good as gold;
    & its many in media ''that lied''
  7. You are "just an animal" too. Humans are animals whether you or anyone else like it or not. Thems are the facts! Like it or not!

    Have a nice trip to the "promised land" Say Hi to uncle Fred for me. :-/