Why should a girl have to be allowed to play on boys baseball team?

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  1. Cant a girl just join a girls softball team? Why do bleeding hearts feel the need to fuck everything up in society? Natural sociological human function is being replaced with some morons view that what thousands of years of human dynamics has told us is normal (boys doing things together and girls doing things together).. is not.


    Our Lady of Sorrows, Ariz. baseball team, forfeits state title rather than play against team with a girl

    A baseball team in Arizona that worked all season to reach the state championship game has forfeited the chance to play for a state title because its opponent has a girl starting at second base.
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    next they'll want male waiters at Hooters. Oh wait...they already tried that.
  3. A beautiful example of institutionalized bigotry. Rather than risk the humiliation of losing to a team with a girl at second, they would rather quit.

    A fitting ending, and it helped many kids see that bigotry is just plain stupid.:)

  4. so boys clubs and girls clubs are bigotry? interesting... I suppose everybody is a bigot then, ok.

    or maybe you're saying the fact that they quit was bigoted, well.. i look at it as they are not playing because the game has been broken. its no longer a boys baseball team so you are no longer doing what you signed up for.
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    Either that or they're sticking to their principles and protesting the absurdity of a girl playing on a boys team. But then you wouldn't know anything about principles now would you.
  6. I know what white male "principles" have gotten women and minorities thruout history. Take your principles and shove em!:D
  7. i knew racism would somehow enter the conversation.. it never fails. :p

    do ya have anythig else??? anything at all? racism is soooo boring!
  8. Feel free. Rational minds see it as a state championship baseball game, where one team got scared and found a most sleazy way to bail.
  9. The truth often is.
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    I assume you meant through out, Mr. Claim to be "educated"

    Like I said you have no concept of principles.
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