Why shorting is no longer a viable strategy in the US Market.

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  1. It just seems that way. since we just rallied 250pts in a day and half, we could go to 10700 and the market wouldnt even be overbought. the supply of money to buy us securities is inexhaustible. its pretty cool in a way.
  2. I think the market is in a trendless stage. It's best to stay in cash.
  3. the market is very volitile within a range. its best to play the ranges imho. what more could traders ask for?
  4. i guess. what is the range you are referring to?
  5. Choad



    Buy the drop. Sell the pop.

    Buy the dump. Sell the pump.

    ... ...

    Works for me! :)
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    um.. i make all my money on shorts...all of it. there is always something in favor and out of favor. today (no literally...i am flat today) I am short real estate...maybe tomorrow Oil comapnies or defense contractors or gold...who knows. there is always something to buy or sell out there amigo.

  7. hola. look at the penchant for buying. who wants to fight every american.
  8. Everything is going up.. Oil, Interest rates, S&P...

    I love it.


    Like you I see lots of $$$ possible playing the short side.

    Only someone who hasn't a clue as how much money can be made shorting stocks (everyday) would start such a thread.

    Shorting is, and always will be a viable way to make $$$ in stocks.
  10. nice thread$$$

    I love 100% up room to go$$$

    thanks Greenie$$

    why short when you can be rich going long anything?
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