Why rumours pops up when market opens or during market hour?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Spark, Mar 13, 2003.

  1. Spark


    I am wondering why rumours that affect stock market usually pops up when market opens or during market hours? Why not when the news breaks out when people in the United States are sleeping? Is there any link between big traders with medias? .....sounds funny ........hehehehe
  2. "they" want it that way.
  3. dis


    For the same reason rumors surface at key support points: the market bounces off support and talking heads scramble to offer a "rational" explanation of the bounce.
  4. sunnie


    The "rumor" about Iraqi "secret surrender" negotiations came out last evening (3/12) well after the market close (about 5 PM Hawaii time, if I recall correctly, that would be about 10 PM ET)....
  5. Exactly. I read Spark's orgininal post to mean 'How come rumors only surface when I am trading the US market?' My time zone EST +13 & trust me, rumor mills don't stop simply because US traders are sleeping.
  6. Well, there's enough news and rumour during closing hours too.

    It might be you're more sensitive on news during trading than other times.
  7. Media always think that it is their job to link market action with some sort of news. :D
  8. 'blue horseshoe loves Annacot Steel,' I think is how the line went. Perhaps GordonGekko will weigh in on this.
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    guys I have been looking for a while, but I can't find a good website that posts rumors. Fly on the wall might do it, do you guys know any other news sites that constantly update rumor news, (bloomberg shure as hell dosn't do it)

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  10. exactly, this was going to be my example...its all psychology, humans just remember and are more cognizant of the rumors during market hours, especially when your short is tearing you a new one...that you willvividly remeber vs. a rumor during the night that doesnt effet you so intimately...
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