Why Ron Paul Lost New Hampshire?

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    Only 8,000 votes would have made the NH Primary a success with a third place finish but the Ron Paul Campaign didn’t make it. First, we can’t blame it on Fox News, if anything their debate exclusion helped the campaign on a national basis. The harassing of Hannity the Neocon on TV was a major PR mistake regardless of how good it felt at the time. The enemies of freedom will smear the campaign as extreme and scary whenever they can, hence we should counter this false perception instead of playing into their hands.

    Ron Paul’s 5th placing showing in the GOP New Hampshire Primary was disappointing but the campaign should be judged in the larger context of the entire 2008 election cycle. Remember, it began as an educational endeavor to spread the message of how the benefits of a return to limited government, the Constitution and personal and economic freedom can benefit our nation and citizens.

    The campaign has achieved education and fund raising success as who would have thought a year ago that a presidential campaign getting near 10% of the GOP vote would have rallies where the chant was “stop the FED” or bring sound money, a balanced foreign policy and the Constitution into the general Republican debate.

    Frankly the educational and fundraising success has not been translated into similar success at the ballot box for a number of reasons but the primary reason is brand packaging. We are letting the competition define us and our vision for America.

    This Is A Restoration Movement Not A Revolution - First, although the Ron Paul campaign message is identical to our Founding Fathers goals and beliefs for our early Republic, the campaign marketing brand has been called “The Ron Paul Revolution”. It doesn’t matter if you spell “love” with the word Revolution, this word scares average Americans. We are restoring the original vision of our Founding Fathers not revolting against our country.

    Remember, most voters do not read von Mises, have no historical or philosophical reference or understanding of the basic foundations of liberty, economics, sound money, American history, the Federal Reserve, our republic or the Constitution. The media, our public schools and political institutions never cover any of this so why would you think one brief campaign could turn the tide against 100 years of cover-up, indoctrination and misinformation.

    The Foreign Policy of George Washington - Ron Paul advocates a return to the original foreign policy of George Washington and our founding fathers. The Neocon’s call it “isolationism” and we call it “non-interventionism” but the average voter could care less about the definition. Who would oppose the foreign policy of Washington, Jefferson or Franklin?

    Oppose the Federal Reserve Because of the Housing & Stock Market Crisis - 99% of the voters don’t know or want to know anything about the Federal Reserve. They hear about it in the news and this “government institution” as far as they understand is designed to “protect us and our economy”. Yes it is a tool of the financial and Wall Street elites to maximize their profits at the average persons expense but you can’t explain the Federal Reserve in a political campaign. Their easy money policies designed to benefit the banks and Wall Street have created the recession we are now entering. This is enough information.

    Sound Money Means Lower Priced Imported Goods, Service, Cars & Gas Prices – This is the message not competing or gold backed currencies. Most people are too busy trying to work, survive and raise families to concern themselves with the currency.

    The Average Voter Doesn’t Care About History - I love history but the voters do not care about the past as this is a consumer driven “I want it now, lifestyle economy”. Few care about the War Between the States, the fall of the Soviet Union, the Great Depression or our history in the Middle East. There is plenty of time for those interested to thoroughly research why our nation has turned into a Neocon empire abroad and a centralized power hungry government at home but this should not be part of the rhetoric of the campaign..

    The Campaign Should Act At Once! - The campaign should keep the message simple, educate supporters on the importance of public relations and explain our vision for America in easy, understandable terms. There will be plenty of time for the scary stuff when the economy goes into the tank or we get into another war. We are dealing with entrenched special interests who will do anything to maintain control of the two-party monopoly but Niccolo Machiavelli was right. "The wise man does at once what the fool does finally".

    Ron Holland has long been a freedom advocate while working in the marketing and financial services industry. He is the author of The Protest Fox Exclusion webpage at http://www.ronaldholland.com/protestfox.htm and “Heidi Remembers Ron Paul’s Election” at http://www.ronaldholland.com/heidire...sidentPaul.htm He can be reached at skironholland@yahoo.com
  2. no offense but this guy is a turdball. there is no doubt that there was rampant voting fraud and the kids chasing down sean hannity with a few snowballs did not cost one vote... probably gained a few.

    i said this awhile back..... Ron will not win the Republican nomination period. it is fixed by criminals.... the job right now is to do as well as possible while exposing the voting obstacles.

    then after super duper tuesday, start putting ron on the ballot in all fifty states as an independent. if we can get a reasonably honest count next fall who knows what might happen.
  3. Turok


    >Ron will not win the Republican nomination
    >period. it is fixed by criminals....

    Ron will not win the Republical nomination period. Not enough people will vote for him.

  4. part of the "fixing" is a media designed to suppress him while promoting the CFR candidates. the huckabee fake surge was a total media creation. the polls are all fixed.....

    the american public is still too stupid to think for themselves and see through the propaganda. but this is all the "fixing."
  5. Exactly, Paul not getting 1st was a definite sign that there was massive voter fraud. Great point. You know I heard from a guy that there was a massive conspiracy to make him lose. It's so true.
    I mean it can't be that people don't approve of his ideas. It has to be a coverup! Oh crap my tinfoil hat fell off, can I borrow yours.
  6. LOL,

    Many many people are so dumb that they think Ron Paul's ideas are crazy. Such as hard money. If you shoot them an argument of the fact that hard money 200 years of history in this nation while fiat has less than 40, their brain short circuits.

    However, the media gives a lot more exposure to the key CFR candidates by a longshot.

    There is no conspiracy, because many people know the media is biased and controlled by big business & elite interests. Most people are just too dumb and are easily controlled by Television.

    Also, consider his platform. Anyone that is part of the welfare programs is instantly against them, even though he is actually doing them a favor. They are just too dumb. Any government employee is against his platform.

    All in all, I think he is doing great. A year ago, barely anyone knew who he was.
  7. A couple of months ago I would have laughed off this conspiracy stuff, but after having seen the way Fox News has tried to marginalize Paul, I agree that powerful forces are determined to stop his candidacy. Their tactic is to laugh at him as the crazy uncle in the attic when they are not calling him unAmerican fro not wanting to send American soldiers off to be killed in the middle east.

    As a traditional conservative, I find his policies on the whole make more sense than the other candidates'. Do the Chinese find it necessary to have troops in the middle east? The Russians? What about Brazil? If we were making a positive change, I might go along with it, but I see us making the situation worse in iraq by replacing the one strong secular leader who counterbalanced Iran with an Iranian puppet government. Afghanistan is perhaps somewhat improved but for how long?

    Paul will not win the nomination, but in my view the big loser here is Fox News. They are clearly marching to the beat of the neo-cons.
  8. its not a tactic, its just its too hard to repress... such a total turd... makes bush look good...
    :p :p :p :p :p :p

    all the best, lads...
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  9. it is funny when fools laugh while headed to their slaughter by judas goats.
  10. You've pretty much hit the nail on the head with most of this. Conspiracy has nothing to do with it. Fact is that people aren't smart enough to understand what he is saying. Most voters don't even want to try to learn about those topics. Therefore he only has very distinct niche appeal. Not enough to even make it successfully through the primaries.

    I also think he is doing great, considering. the only point I disagree with is that he isn't getting a proportionate amount of attention from the media. I think considering his national poll ratings he is getting an amazingly disproportionate amount of coverage. Much of it has to do with the grassroots campaigning.

    Anyway, the candidate polling at 2-6% nationally generally doesn't get nearly as much coverage. If he wants to get more coverage he must do it the old fashioned way. Pull off a major upset, or at least post a close second in fairly significant primary.
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