why QT or Sierra?

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  1. I know many of you use QT or sierra chart with IB data feed.

    Does this mean IB charts are bad and not up to your mark?

  2. IB charts, are very, very basic, that's why. I use Sierra, it's a great value. Although some members have problems with IB backfill on SC. SC has more features than QT from my little experience with QT. SC give a 1 week free trail.
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    I use QT and SC with IB data feed running together all the time. Never a problem here. Once in a while i will also use IB's charts. Not nearly as well featured as QT and SC. IMO QT is hard to beat with a 6 mo subscription. SC has a cool spreadsheet facility among other things.

    ... rj
  4. thanks guys. btw, is it pretty straight forward to get QT or sierra charts to work with ib feed?

    coming from brokerages like tdameritrade and xpresstrade, all this were done for me. so dont have much experience taking this route.
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    Very easy to get QT to work with IB, a 5 minute job. Highly recommend QT in general.
  6. Yes, you'll find either simple to get running. Of the two, Qt is cheaper but SierraChart has a lot more functionality.
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    Sierra Chart without any doubt

  8. how about ensign? is it better than sierra or qt?
  9. Ensign's main (imho) claim to fame is in it geometrical tools - more cycle, gann and fib stuff that Sierra Chart. In particular it has some very pretty Pesavento stuff.

    The only problem with that stuff is that it seems to be a phase people go through on their way to discovering the truth about trading (price, volume and support and resistance via swings and/or market profile). No disrespect meant to those who make it work for them and thus stay with that step in their evolution.

    Downsides are the slow language for developing your own stuff (kinda interpretted like basic used to be vs c++ or worksheets for Sierra) and an odd data storage model.

    But it depends what you like. :)
  10. hi Kiwitrader,

    interesting insigt and thanks for your response.

    I am curious to hear your version of the lyfe cycle traders go thro to reach the price/volume/suport/resistance you mentioned.

    if it's too lengthy to type, I understand if you dont want to. thanks
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