Why QE2 will FAIL!!!!

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    Great article on why Charles Hugh Smith thinks QE2 will fail and I agree with every word.

    As I said many times all they are doing is inflating their way out of this crisis, they are creating asset bubbles in all classes because thats the only way to grow an upside down economy, is through asset bubbles. Thanks bubble ben bernanke.

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  2. No one can stop the fed, no one. The fed is now running both the economies of the USA and CHINA with impunity.
  3. Is he a politician? Even if he's 100% correct, where is his solution? Politicians sit there all day long and say the other guy's ideas won't work ... but what are their ideas? What does this bozo think we should do? Bueller, bueller, bueller?
  4. How about creating LESS demand for imported shit, to beging with???

    How about a SMALLER trade deficit achieved through TAXATION of OVERconsumption through a VAT-type of tax that achieves several objectives at once??
  5. VAT-type of tax that achieves several objectives at once??

    And you call your self a RISKTAKER on ET?

    Have you ever shop'd in the EU, bought a big ticke item only to be taxed 20% additional VAT?

    Have you had a vacation in a Country that has the VAT?

    Do you have friends living in a country that have VAT?

    I would guess....no to all the above. And a VAT does not replace other taxes, it adds to them and it keeps the Middle Class from buying things.

    No offense, pull you head outa your ass. If you want a VAT, move to the EU.
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    Amen to that.